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Page Ideas for Bullet Journal

Newbie or not, bullet journalists still make common mistakes, such as wrong page orders. Using bullet journal notebook means you can’t just rip the pages off, which led me to use binder instead. Using binder means I can add dividers to the pages and this article is about what categories I have to organise my pages.

I have 5 dividers and I name them as life planner, financial planner, home management, time/work planner and handwritings.dk (the small business my fiancé and I run together – you’re welcome to check it out). The following is the page list of the mentioned categories

Life Planner – This category includes any aspect about my life in genereal and most of the pages can be reuse for next year

  • New Year’s Resolution
  • Yearly Goals Overview
  • Yearly Gratitude
  • Seasonal Adventures (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)
  • Things I Want to Learn
  • Law of Attraction
  • Ikigai
  • Birthday List
  • Books to Read
  • Password Log
  • Emergency List
  • Movies to Watch
  • Series to Watch

Financial Planner – this category is about my financial

  • Financial Goals
  • Monthly Budget
  • Bill and Payment Tracker (yearly overview)
  • This Year Online Shopping
  • Saving Tracker
  • Debt Tracker
  • Wishlist
  • Gift Planner

Home Management – I like to keep tracks of the collections I have in my home

  • Household Routine Planner
  • Holiday Project List
  • My Wardrobe Collection
  • Body Measurement
  • My Make-Up Library
  • Renovation Planner

Time/Work Planner – The category includes all of my appointment, Meeting, Plans (work and freetime)

  • Calendar Overview
  • Future Log
  • Work Schedule
  • Monthly Planner ( month at glance)
  • Monthly Spending Log
  • Monthly Habit Tracker
  • Monthly Workout Tracker
  • Special Pages (Brain Dump, Lesson Planner, Holiday etc.)

Handwritings.dk – I document what I do to run the business

  • Logo Design
  • Business Plan
  • Start-Up Checklist
  • Start-Up Budget
  • Monthly Budget
  • Marketing Planner
  • Supplier List
  • To do List (when necessary)

Here’s some examples of the pages. I hope you enjoy reading my article and maybe get some inspirations:

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