About Me

A 3rd culture kid – That’s me!

My name is Irene Wong and I’m 26 years old. A Chinese Heritage who was born in Indonesia, spent her childhood in Greenland and currently living in Denmark is the shortest version of story of my life.

Daytime Teacher

I moved to Aarhus, Denmark back in 2013 to pursue my dream job as a teacher. I graduated in 2017 and currently I’m working temporarily as a Teacher at Randers Ungdomsskole.

Bullet Journalist | Webshop: Handwritings.dk

I was introduced to the world of bullet journal in the late 2017. I always fascinate of handlettering. I find it very artistic, so I thought I’d give it a shot. It was on and off until mid 2018. I simply couldn’t stop myself to buy more stationeries. Unfortunately in Denmark people tends to stick to certain objects or brands; which leads to a few variation of what you can buy. I shop online a lot and grew impatient time to time waiting for my stuffs to arrive. My fiancé came up with an idea of owning an online store and so here we are running Handwritings.dk which offers stationeries that mostly can’t be bought on the physical stores.


Since my childhood was about adaptation of new inveronments, the passion of exploring the unknown grew inside me. I began my journey for a few years ago and now I’m proud that I’ve been into 9 different countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, Greece, England, Poland, Germany, Japan and China. It ‘s not just about exploring other countries, my fiancé and I love exploring Denmark as well. Playing tourists is never boring.


Coming from a country, which mindset is the strongest survives makes me want to help people in need. In Indonesia I was helpless, but as I grow older, I’m making my own decision and I like to spend my time volunteering. Being a teacher is one of my way of helping people though. Right now I volunteer as lektiecaféfrivillig – meaning homeworkcafé volunteer for Dansk Flytninghjælp, where I help children to do their homework and play with them.