The best things I love being a woman

Happy International Women’s Day to my fellow female fighters

Bein a woman is not always easy. There are things that restrict us to do what we want. Therefore I would like to honor International Women’s Day by making a list of why I love being a woman and our priviledges

  • Fashion – unlike men’s fashion, women’s fashion tends to be cheaper than men’s fashion and there are so many variations.
  • We have our own day – International Men’s Day sounds just wrong LOL
  • Pregnancy sign on public transport – I notice that in some countries, there sign for pregnancy women.
  • BFF toilet time – who hasn’t share toilet with your bff while going out?
  • Multitasking – I’m sure you have heard this a lot. We are just so good at multitasking.
  • As much as I love feminism, I do also love gentlemen culture. It’s nice to be treated as a princess time to time
  • Girls talk – relationship between girls are simply different than men. You can talk about anything. I have a girlfriend living in another city, Aalborg. We don’t see each other alot, but when we paid a visit, we can just sit on the couch and catch up for hours.
  • Having better taste – why men is about function, we think about design, color, appearance, shapes, meaning etc while choosing gifts to someone. Hence why, gifts from women are usually better.
  • We’re better at school work – most of women having not much trouble concentrating at school and therefore women tends to score greater.
  • Organised – keeping things in order is simply our best characteristic
  • Crying on a movie – romantic comedy is one of my favorite movie genre. Sometimes the plot is so touching that I can cry while watching it… even it was for the 4th time LOL
  • Since childhood, women are faster in learning something. Have you noticed that small girls start to speak earlier than boys?
  • We live longer – some women feel lot os pain getting through her period, but thanks to our period, we produce more fresh blood once a month, which makes our blood circulation better than men’s.
  • Born to communicate – we are good at sharing our thoughts and we just never run out of topics to talk about.
  • We can treat ourself without being judged – spa-day, manicure and pedicure, massage-day. Simply my favorite!

If I don’t stop writing now, I’m not so sure how long the list can go on. So here you go, 15 things I love being a woman. What’s your list?

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